Business Results Through Meaningful Transformation

Through improvement of communication pipelines and guided by industry best practices, the ARC Group is certified and licensed to provide transformational consulting, coaching and communication support across industry and sector.

Transformational work we perform includes maximizing hiring, promotion and retention decision. We also support teams in understanding thinking preferences through the NBI assessment. And, we ensure that all content and activities are rooted in grounded theory with tailored exercises to improve performance and results.

Topics We Discuss

Inclusion and Equity in Management

What does it look like to make decision for your organization through a lens of inclusion and equity? We provide tailored frameworks to help you identify the benefits of your teams’ diversity.

Bias Awareness

We can put all of the blame on biases. We all have them, and we can learn to identify them and mitigate them to leverage the diversity of our team to maximize innovative solutions.

The Need for Allies

When do you or someone else need an ally, and did not have one? Being an ally is a learned skill that we all need, so that no one goes unseen and unheard.

The Danger of Performative Allyship

Social media posts and rote routine phrases of support no longer cut it into today’s market. Customers, co-workers and clients read through insincerity. Nothing shows more support than practicing authentic ways to co-conspire allyship in difficult times of social crisis.

Equity based performance measurements

Crucial conversations are foundational to illuminating where inequities exist for your team dynamics. Once identified, we help you examine and implement fair and equitable performance measurements.

Dismantling White Supremacy Statement

In a candid development course, our team looks at what it takes to further crystallize diverse business practices that represent the diversity you want to see in your day to day behaviors.

Who We Work With


Our global client list includes Fortune 50 companies with $1B+ budgets, mid-sized corporations and smaller businesses We have helped over 20,000 employees get clear on organizational goals.

Government Agencies

Support police departments, mayor's offices and other government agencies allow us to immediately understand the politics and dynamics around your office structure and your team needs.

Non-Profits & Foundations

We have worked with foundations, both nationally and internationally, as well as other non-profits who are looking to diversify their boards, their leadership team and also support the work of the employees who are on the ground.

School Districts & Higher-Ed

Our work has expanded to support school district staff and students across the US. We also have helped provide student development workshops for colleges and universities across the country.

Responsive, nimble and creative problem solvers.

– CEO, Community Progress Council

Build Stronger Teams Through DE&I Transformation.