Welcome to the AdventYour™ of a lifetime! Soul Stirring Sessions offer a unique opportunity for simultaneous group and personal transformational learning experiences. These sessions are designed with interactive and dynamic experiential modules, aimed at removing obstacles that may be hindering you from living out your wildest or simplest dreams. Together, we will build you the right team and circumstances to bring out the most resourceful version of yourself.

Day 1



7-10 PM

Our Soul Purpose...

Beyond our five senses, we have an arsenal of ways to understand ourselves and others. Our first few hours together will involve tapping into our deeper listening for ourselves and listening for others. If our ability to truly listen is blocked, we will break through those barriers to truly hearing, together. Our team is designed to help all of us learn this important skill in unexpected and meaningful ways.

Day 2



7-10 PM

What You Want?

As we explore our personal stories, we will begin to uncover our deepest desires and passions together. Sometimes we carry around these desires, thinking that they are noticeable to those around us – neighbors, partners and colleagues – yet we still feel unseen. Through our interactive modules, you will have the opportunity to dive deeper into this process and feel truly seen. Our team is here to support you every step of the way.

Day 3



7-10 PM


We LOVE adventure, and by day 3 you will have experienced several adventures together. The word “advent” means “the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event,” which means it’s time to put your dreams into action. The time is NOW! This last day is all about helping you with the vocabulary and motion to the discoveries of our hearts over the past three days together.


Our retreat is packed with individuals from all walks of life that finds the Soul Work as beneficial and impactful as you. Connect with others during our 3-day event that lead to long lasting relationships that can last.