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You Are In Good Company

Working with Dr. Shawn Best and The ARC Group has been transformative for our company. We begin with looking for diversity, equity and inclusion training, and ended up with transformative business solutions to leverage our diversity to improve real business outcomes in real time. We could not be more pleased with their service.

DuPont HR Global Lead

Dr. Shawn came to us with grace and compassion, which allowed our leaders to deeply challenge and evolve our DEI strategies. We are forever grateful for the changes we now see benefit our teams across the globe.

BBDO Learning and Development Lead

Our staff annually partakes in bias awareness trainings with Dr. Best’s team, and it has been amazing. Through practical interactive workshops, the ARC Group makes it easy for young people and our administrators to understand how bias can cloud our decision making in negative ways. Now, we crave the content to the point that staff and students have become evangelists for bias awareness through the student clubs they’ve created around the topic.

New Paltz Central School District Deputy Superintendent