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Dr. Shawn Best, or ‘Dr. Shawn’ as he’s affectionately known has over 20 years of higher education experience where he is regularly nationally recognized as an excellent communicator and creative problem solver with a unique skill of finding the best solutions to organizational problems. Once deployed, Shawn has an assertive commitment to follow through with implementation and accountability as core tenets of his practice.

Shawn received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Vermont in May, 2000 and received his Master of Arts degree in Higher Education Administration from New York University in May, 2004. Shawn’s passions lie in identifying talented leaders and helping them grow in their respective roles. In particular, Shawn’s journey to his current career was paved with mentorship from some of the top college administrators in the country. Shawn is the founder of The ARC Group LLC (est. 2018). Shawn is the co-founder of Wright Best Consulting Group LLC (est. 2017), Best Solutions NYC (est. 2012) and CouncilHim (est. 2018). He currently has a clientele base that extends across the United States and includes Fortune 500 companies as well as local school districts.

Shawn’s book, ‘Change Your Perspective’, has also been a source of inspiration to many people around the country who are experiencing failure, success or any major life changes.

In addition to his passion for training and development, Shawn also enjoys performing as a musician, playing football and basketball, and speaking at colleges around the country to inspire those who want to learn. With nationally recognized leadership skills by educational communities, he works well within diverse communities that embrace positive change. Shawn received his doctorate in Organizational Leadership from Northeastern University in 2020. Shawn is also a licensed organizational coach through Columbia University, and certified to distribute the Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI) which helps your team understand thinking styles and preferences.

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