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About ARC

Since 2016, The ARC Group has improved performance and inclusion practices for over 75 companies and over 20,000 employees. From Fortune 25 clients to local school districts, we have provided a team of brilliant thinkers to help companies and individuals unlock roadblocks to accomplishing their vision of success.

With a bent toward innovation, positive intelligence, and inclusion, let us help your teams create a sustainable future that supports the future of work and life.

Deeper Dive with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Here is an example of a few ways we can support your diversity, equity and inclusion needs.

Qualitative KPI Metrics

Through data collection, the ARC group has the capability to synthesize thousands of information bits to offer the most important performance metrics for your organization.

Bite Size Steps To Transformation

Process. Preparation. Performance. We don't skip any steps, so that you don't miss any steps.

Inventory Assessments

We offer the ability to comprise organizational wide assessments that help us get to the heart of your organization's challenges.

Team Assessments

Certified in the NBI (Neethling Brain Instrument) assessment, we are able to help your team understand thinking styles individually as well as collectively. Then we use this information to offer strategy to improve communication across lines of difference.

Personality Assessments

We offer clients the chance to learn more about themselves through the DISC profile, NBI, Myers-Briggs, Strong's and Saboteurs assessments.

Messaging and Communications

When social crises hits, your organization wants to be ready for your communication to the surrounding community. We help you write the message that means the most to the people you support.

How We Cultivate Transformation In Organizations.

Custom Workshops & Courses

After assessing your team's needs, we construct learning modules and guided practices that aptly support those needs.

Team Bonding

Sometimes, what gets in the way is our ability to find connection across lines of difference. We have the ability to infuse learning with fun in order to build bridges for teams.

Transformation Retreats

Sometimes we need a different environment to enact different parts of our brain. Using elements of a Survivor-like experience, plus guided transformational practices, our team will help you walk full speed toward holistic health and success.

Client Testimonials

Hear from our clients about the wonderful achievements we’ve accomplished together.

Working with Dr. Shawn Best and The ARC Group has been transformative for our company. We begin with looking for diversity, equity and inclusion training, and ended up with transformative business solutions to leverage our diversity to improve real business outcomes in real time. We could not be more pleased with their service.

DuPont HR Global Lead

Dr. Shawn came to us with grace and compassion, which allowed our leaders to deeply challenge and evolve our DEI strategies. We are forever grateful for the changes we now see benefit our teams across the globe.

BBDO Learning and Development Lead

Our staff annually partakes in bias awareness trainings with Dr. Best’s team, and it has been amazing. Through practical interactive workshops, the ARC Group makes it easy for young people and our administrators to understand how bias can cloud our decision making in negative ways. Now, we crave the content to the point that staff and students have become evangelists for bias awareness through the student clubs they’ve created around the topic.

New Paltz Central School District Deputy Superintendent

Build Stronger Teams Through Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Transformation.